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Sunday, 24 May, 2020

Jesus left Nazareth after talking in the synagogue and travelled to nearby Capernaum, about 48km away. Here he does some extraordinary things that make the people sit up and take notice.


If you look in the dictionary, the word “authority” means having the power to give orders, make decisions or enforce obedience. Ross and Naomi might not have this, but they go searching for those who do.

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Luke 4:31-37

Jesus has authority. But he doesn’t seem to get too bossy with us. In this reading he gets bossy with an impure spirit and really shows who is in control.


We couldn’t find any clips for this week’s story. So this is the perfect time to tune in to Colin Buchanan.

This is a song that everyone will love – parents and kids.

It’s a reminder that God is always in control (as Jesus showed at Capernaum).

Colin explains why he wrote the song. Here are the words so you can sing along if you want to.

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Colin Buchanan

You might have seen bad things happening
On the TV news
You might be worrying ‘bout the world
And wonder what will happen to you
Well put your trust in God alone
Cos he's still sittin' on his mighty throne

The Lord is King
He's gonna look after everything
The Lord is King
He's gonna look after everything
Every single thing in this world
Cos this is his world

You might get sad and wonder
Why there's so much pain
Why we let the same mistakes
Happen over and over again
Our sinful ways will always fail
But God and his ways will prevail (because...)

The Lord is King
He's gonna look after everything
The Lord is King
He's gonna look after everything
Every single thing in this world
Cos this is his world
You kings be wise, you rulers
Hear the Lord's…

Source: Musixmatch


Here are a few questions to get your mind thinking about the story. Ask a parent to answer the questions with you or just ask each other.

  • It would have taken a day to walk to Capernaum. Why did Jesus go?
  • The people were amazed that Jesus had authority. But what’s so amazing about having authority?
  • A man shouted that Jesus was God’s Holy One. How did he know?
  • What made the impure spirit leave Jesus?
  • Can Jesus boss us around too?
  • The people were amazed. What would you have said if you were there?



Jesus has the incredible ability to control things that can’t be seen. He does this to the impure spirit in today’s reading, but also with the wind and waves in Mark 4:35-41. Try this craft and get a little more control over something you can’t see.

***** LINK TO: Wind experiment *****


Jesus has authority as maker and king of the world. You can use this template to make a crown and decorate it.

You could also write the words “The Lord is King” on it.

***** CROWN TEMPLATE *****


This passage reminds us of the authority and power of Jesus. Here are a couple of colouring pages that remind us of that too.



Please share any of your completed crafts or activities on the StAKs Online Facebook page or email Ross and Naomi.



This verse talks about why Jesus has the authority to drive out spirits.

You could commit it to memory.

John 3:35

(New International Reader's Version)

35 The Father loves the Son and has put everything into his hands.

Last week’s verse:

Philippians 2:9-11
(International Childrens’ Bible)

9 So God raised Christ to the highest place.
God made the name of Christ greater than every other name.

10 God wants every knee to bow to Jesus—
everyone in heaven, on earth, and under the earth.

11 Everyone will say, “Jesus Christ is Lord”
and bring glory to God the Father.


The man in this passage had an impure spirit. We might not know anyone with an impure spirit inside them, but we can pray for those who we know are sick.

Go through the newspaper or internet and cut out/print any photos of people in trouble or suffering illness.

Pray for them.

Ask your parents and siblings for things you can pray about them. Get them to write them down (or draw pictures that remind you) and pray for them every day this week.


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