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This Sunday we begin a series called “Promoting the Gospel.” The gospel about Jesus that we wish to promote is “good news” for everyone and for our country but the spiritual climate of Australia is mixed to say the least. Our reaction may be to withdraw from the public sphere and limit mission to personal interactions. I have no problem with personal evangelism – each person matters. But we must also have an eye on the wider issues that are affecting the spiritual dynamics of our country and state. Please do use whatever avenues you have to ensure a Christian perspective is communicated intelligently and graciously.


12 March, 2011 ()

Bible Text: Matthew 9:35-10:5 |


Matthew 9:35-10:5 | Wei-Han Kuan |

Our Hidden Mission: Promoting the Gospel through our Prayers

In his book 'Promoting the Gospel', John Dickson describes the notion that evangelism begins with prayer as a 'mother's milk' kind of statement. And like mother's milk, so many of us seem to have outgrown it. But prayer is so essential, so basic, and so needful! I do not doubt that the lack of prayer is the cause of most pastoral problems and a main reason for evangelistic ineffectiveness.

How can we encourage each other towards carrying out our hidden mission: to pray? What are some of the reasons why we might find prayer difficult? What are some good ideas to help us pray more? I hope to provide some answers through today's sermon. Here are three useful resources:

J. C. Ryle's essay on Prayer is a classic and fortifying read!

D. A. Carson's book 'A Call to Spiritual Reformation: Priorities from the Prayers of Paul' has done more for my prayer life than just about any other book (except the Bible).

J. I. Packer's 'Evangelism & the Sovereignty of God' deals with the big theological tension at the heart of the matter. It's only a little book, but full of solid food and is a real tonic for prayer.

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