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Sunday, 5 April, 2020

John the Baptist is an unusual person. Nowadays we’d probably call him different, weird, goofy or a little bit bonkers. But he’s also a great person to learn from.

StAKs Online takes a look at the life and times of John the Baptist.


Don’t adjust your TV screen or computer. Naomi and Ross are just hard to find. Today they shine a light on John the Baptist, who shines a light on Jesus.

***** OUR KIDS TALK! *****


Read Luke 3:1-20.
John the Baptist is a cousin of Jesus. His birth was foretold in chapter 1 and we meet his pregnant mother a little later (read Luke 1:39-45 for some cool background). Now we meet the grown up John as he wanders from the desert.


We have two clips again. John the Baptist has crazy hair in the first one. It runs for about four minutes. This clip also includes Jesus’ baptism.

***** Video link 1 *****


John has less crazy hair in the second clip. It goes about two minutes and is narrated by a child.

Both are good.

***** Video link 2 *****


  • What did the people think of John the Baptist?
  • What did the authorities think of him?
  • John answers three questions in verses 10 to 14. How would you sum up his answers?
  • Talk about whether this good advice for today.
  • Why did people think John was the Messiah?
  • In what ways is Jesus better than John?
  • Why is John the Baptist important?
  • How are we similar to John the Baptist?



This is a memory game. Colour in and cut out the squares. Turn them over face down. Take it in turns to briefly turn two back over. Memorise their location and try and match the squares. Make it simple by doing it with one sheet or make it harder by using multiple sheets.

Each picture reminds us of John the Baptist. Can you remember how? (the answers are below)

  • Locust. John ate these for breakfast
  • Bees. They make honey, which John ate at lunch
  • Camel. John wore camel hair when eating dinner
  • Sandals. John said he wasn’t worthy to untie Jesus’ sandals

***** Memory game link *****


Print this picture of John the Baptist (or draw it). Use something fabric, wool, leaves or brown paper from around the house to put camel hair on him. Show us how you’re going by getting your parents to email or post on our StAKs Online Facebook page.

***** Picture of John the Baptist Craft *****

***** Printable Colouring of John the Baptist *****


1 Peter 5:7

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”

Parents read the bold font and get the children to answer. Then swap!

  • What: cast all your anxiety
  • On who: on him
  • Why: because he cares for you


This is a fun way of remembering the story and tidying the house at the same time.

Get a torch and shine a light into the darkest corners of each cupboard or room. Catch any locust or bug you find. Then eat them with honey like John the Baptist did … only kidding. Release them outside.

Remind each other that John the Baptist shone a light on Jesus and told everyone about him. Do the same with each other at your place.


We filmed a video of our creative prayer. You can use the same model in your prayers at home.

***** SPIT PRAYERS Link *****

***** SPIT Prayer Video Link *****


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